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Are you ready for a new electronic artist? Well that's to bad, Of Righteous And Evil is one of the newest electronic artists to come to the scene. The first album will be released soon to the public. So stay on your toes.


Seven Part Saga

2010-05-29 22:19:55 by PPerson

For my first series of submissions, I am going to be making a project out of these submissions.
After I have made the seven songs. I will be making a rather long song out of all the sounds, outside of the saga.
It will be created with all the sounds that can be found within my other submissions.
So stay posted.

Seven Part Saga

Album Cover Art Request

2010-02-05 13:44:52 by PPerson

I am not so new to New Grounds, but I have simply made an account now upon request of a friend.

I am looking for someone who is willing to do an album cover for me and my band, Of Righteous and Evil. I can not personally pay anyone for any art work, but I will make sure that any and all credit is given towards the artist.

I have uploaded a rushed drawing that I did that is some what of the idea we would like.
I know my example isn't very good, mainly because I rushed through it. I am terrible at drawing the & sign so I drew that kind, and the O looks more like a random oval, and that is an E not an F.

The idea is either having a the letters either on a messy piece of paper in a crayon style or carved in a stone wall with blood splatter instead of coffee stains.

Necessary details:
-Coffee Stain or Blood Splatter
-Artistic Splatters

Optional details:

If anyone is up to this I will be very thankful, and maybe we will dedicate a song towards you.

Creator of "Of Righteous and Evil",
The most awesomesauce death metal band

Album Cover Art Request